William Rowley

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William Rowley (c.1585 – February 1626) was an English Jacobean dramatist, best known for works written in collaboration with more successful writers. His date of birth is estimated to have been c. 1585; he was buried on 11 February 1626 in the graveyard of St James's, Clerkenwell in north London. (An unambiguous record of Rowley's death was discovered in 1928, but some authorities persist in listing his death-date as 1642.)

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Rowleys House & Mansion. William Rowley of Worsfield near Bridgnorth established himself as a draper and brewer in the timber framed building in the reign of Elizabeth I. In 1618, having become prosperous, he built the attached mansion, the first brick house in the town

Barker Street, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom where they built (1618) and lived (1618)