Tom Jennings


Died aged c. 61

Thomas Walter Jennings (28 February 1917 – 1978) was an English businessman who was the founder of Jennings Organ Company. In 1950 he formed Jennings Musical Instruments (JMI) Ltd, the company that produced the famous Vox Guitar amplifiers. In 1956 the company name was changed to Jennings Musical Industries Ltd. Disenchanted with the company direction, he left JMI Ltd in 1967 and set up a separate company, Jennings Electronic Industries.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Vox Amplifier 1958. From these premises, music entrepreneur Tom Jennings and sound engineer Dick Denney produced the first Vox Amplifier, changing the sound of popular music forever.

119 Dartford Road, Dartford, United Kingdom where they worked