Airey Neave OBE MC DSO MP

Died aged c. 63

Airey Middleton Sheffield Neave, DSO, OBE, MC, TD (/ˈɛəri ˈniːv/;) (23 January 1916 – 30 March 1979) was a British soldier, lawyer and Member of Parliament (MP) from 1953 until his assassination in 1979. During World War II he was the first British prisoner-of-war to succeed in escaping from Oflag IV-C at Colditz Castle, and later worked for MI9. After the war he served with the International Military Tribunal at the Nuremberg trials. He later became Conservative MP for Abingdon. Neave was assassinated in a car bomb attack at the House of Commons. The Irish National Liberation Army claimed responsibility.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Airey Neave DSO OBE MC Merton 1934-8 Steward Of The JCR MP For Abingdon 1953-79 Killed outside the House of Commons on 30 March 1979 A man of great courage

Merton College, Merton Street, Oxford, United Kingdom where they was