Sarah Robb


Died aged c. 85

Sarah Robb was born in 1852 and was Alachua County’s first female physician. She received a nursing degree and, with encouragement from her husband, decided to pursue a medical degree. When medical schools in the United States would not accept her, Robb went to Germany and received a medical degree there. She moved to Gainesville in 1883 with her children to join her husband who was recuperating from tuberculosis. She was a "horse and buggy" doctor, traveling around Alachua County making house calls and delivering babies. She also set up a clinic with overnight beds in her office. With her husband and another physician she published a book of "common sense" medicine for public use. She died in 1937.


Commemorated on 1 plaque

Sarah Robb

Sarah Robb [full inscription unknown]

Alachua County Medical Society, 235 SW 2nd Avenue, Gainesville, FL, United States where they was