Walter Kitching


Died aged c. 86

Walter Kitching, born in 1846, came to Stuart, then called Potsdam, in 1883. He was a merchant, philanthropist, justice of the peace, notary public, banker and superintendent of the Methodist Sunday School. In 1894 he persuaded Henry Flagler to bring his Florida East Coast (FEC) Railroad through Stuart rather than Sewall’s Point, and to build a ferry landing on the south side of the river. Kitching offered Flagler $200 and all the land he needed to bring the FEC line through Stuart. Flagler accepted the land but not the cash, and the FEC line is still active today in Stuart. Walter Kitching died in 1932.


Commemorated on 1 plaque

Walter Kitching

210 Atlanta Avenue, Stuart, FL, United States where they was