Dr Wiley Jenkins

Died aged c. 49

Dr Wiley Jenkins was born in Summerville, South Carolina in 1901. He studied to become a pharmacist at South Carolina State University. Roberta Robinson Jenkins was studying in Tampa when she met Dr. Jenkins I 1929. The Jenkins moved to West Palm Beach in 1933 and in 1937 they opened the Economical Drug Store, which became a popular gathering place. Their home, built in 1946, gained the admiration of people far and wide for its grandeur and elegance. The house soon became a meeting place for West Palm Beach’s black society. The store operated until 1952. After Dr. Jenkins’ death in 1950, his wife operated the store until 1952.


Commemorated on 1 plaque

Dr Wiley Jenkins

Dr Wiley Jenkins [full inscription unknown]

Historic Jenkins House, 815 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL, United States where they was