James Daniel Reid


Died aged c. 82

James Daniel Reid, an early founder and developer of Homestead, was born in 1883. Reid served on the Homestead City Council from 1913 to 1924 and on the Dade County Commission from 1921 to 1941. As a member of the City Council he supported a municipal light and water plant, which is still in use today. As a County Commissioner he encouraged the construction of roads in South Dade County. Reid was also instrumental in establishing Homestead’s downtown business district. He was the owner of a mercantile store and of several Homestead store fronts which he leased. The Homestead Bayfront Park is also part of his legacy. James Daniel Reid died in 1965.


Commemorated on 1 plaque

James Daniel Reid

James Daniel Reid [full inscription unknown]

Homestead Hospital, 160 NW 13th Street, Homestead, FL, United States where they was