Romulus Hunter Thompson


Died aged c. 90

Romulus Hunter Thompson was born in 1906. In 1938, he was hired by the Okaloosa County School Board to form the first high school band at Okaloosa County High School in Crestview (now Crestview High School). He completed two successful years in Crestview before being hired to form the first band at Leon High School in Tallahassee. In 1940, he began a 10-year tenure as director at Leon High School, one of two public high schools in Tallahassee. He was also responsible for teaching musical instruments to elementary school students. In the mid-1950s, he was hired as the band director at Jefferson County High School in Monticello, Florida. Romulus Hunter Thompson retired from teaching in the 1970s and died in 1996.


Commemorated on 1 plaque

Romulus Hunter Thompson

Romulus Hunter Thompson [full inscription unknown]

Leon High School, Tennessee Street and Meridian Road, Tallahassee, FL, United States where they was