Margaret Shippen Roebling


Died aged c. 63

Margaret Shippen Roebling was born in 1867 in Bernardsville, New Jersey. About 1930, while she and her husband were building a home in Lake Placid, Mrs. Roebling became aware of efforts to purchase and preserve Hooker’s Hammock. The National Park System had previously declined to acquire it. The State of Florida did not have the means to purchase parkland, so Mrs. Roebling donated $25,000 to enable local citizens to purchase acreage. She then donated another $25,000 for a subsequent purchase. In 1930, after only a few of her ideas had been carried out, Mrs. Roebling died. Her husband completed her work as a memorial to her. The family ultimately donated a total of $400 to $500,000 to the project. The 8,140-acre Highlands Hammock State Park opened to the public in 1931, is one of the oldest state parks and one of the earliest examples of grass-roots public support for environmental preservation in Florida.


Commemorated on 1 plaque

Margaret Shippen Roebling [full inscription unknown]

in front of an interpretive display at Highlands Hammock State Park, Sebring, FL, United States where they was