Joseph Wilson

Died aged 33

Joe Wilson (29 November 1841 – 14 February 1875) was a Tyneside concert hall songwriter and performer in the mid-19th century. His most famous song is "Keep yor feet still Geordie hinny". He was a contemporary of George "Geordie" Ridley. He wrote and sang in the Geordie dialect of Newcastle upon Tyne, his native speech.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Darn Crook/Stowell Street Joseph 'Joe' Wilson 1841-1875 Musician, entertainer and writer of 360 songs including 'Keep Yor Feet Still! Geordey Hinny.' Born here, died in Railway Street aged 33. Newcastle City Council

Stowell Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom where they was born (1841)