Battle of Lewisham

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The Battle of Lewisham occurred on 13 August 1977, when 500 members of the far-right National Front (NF) marched from New Cross to Lewisham in southeast London and various counter-demonstrations by approximately 4000 people led to violent clashes between the two groups and between the anti-NF demonstrators and police. 5000 police officers were present and 56 officers were injured (11 of whom were hospitalised) and 214 people were arrested (for obstructing the police, threatening behaviour, assault, possession of an offensive weapon and throwing missiles). Later disturbances in Lewisham town centre saw the first use of police riot shields on the UK mainland (they had only been deployed in Northern Ireland previously).

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Remembering the Battle of Lewisham Thousands united here against racism and facism 13 August 1977

323 New Cross Road, London, United Kingdom where it sited (1977)