John Donkin

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John Donkin (1802–1854) was a British engineer. He was a son of Bryan Donkin and worked in this father's company in Bermondsey, primarily on paper-making equipment. He married Caroline Hawes, granddaughter of William Hawes, notable as founder of the Royal Humane Society, and was the daughter of Benjamin Hawes, notable for sponsoring Marc Brunel, sister of Benjamin Hawes, and so sister-in-law to Isambard Kingdom Brunel. John Donkin was the father of Bryan Donkin Junior and grandfather of Sydney Donkin. He was first cousin of William Fishburn Donkin.

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business partner of George Joseph Lawson

Commemorated on 1 plaque

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1891 The Granville Chambers built as a Temperance Hotel by architects Lawson & Donkin 1900-1930 Granville Hotel. 1930 used as offices 1985 refurbished.

Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, United Kingdom where they designed (1891)