Edwin Dawkins

Aged unknown

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Simply Jan on Flickr
Simply Jan on Flickr

Edwin Dawkins & Son. Standing on the corner of Chard Street and Victoria Place, this was certainly the largest department store in this part of Devon. It has now been redeveloped, the ground floor into individual shops and the upper floor into residential flats.

Chard Street, Axminster, United Kingdom where they worked

Oak House. Built by Simon Bunter, a local solicitor, in 1758, it was a private dwelling until about the middle of the nineteenth century, when it became a preparatory school for boys. It was later purchased by the owners of Dawkin's Stores and used as a hostel for resident staff. For some years it was the offices of the urban and rural District Councils.

?, Axminster, United Kingdom where they owned