Viscount William Lever

soap-maker, philanthropist, 1st Baronet Lever of Hulme (1911-1917), 1st Baron Leverhulme (1917-1922), and 1st Viscount Leverhulme (from 1922)

Died aged c. 74

Commemorated on 3 plaques

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William Hesketh Lever 1st Viscount Leverhulme 1851-1925 soap-maker and philanthropist lived and died here

Inverforth House, North End Way, Camden, NW3, London, United Kingdom where they lived and died (1925)

Birthplace of William Hesketh Lever First Viscount Leverhulme 1851-1925

16 Wood Street, Bolton, United Kingdom where they was born (1851)

William Hesketh Lever, first Viscount Leverhulme, resided here 1886-1888.

Palmyra Square South, Warrington, United Kingdom where they lived (1886-1888)