Capt Ed Clark

Aged unknown

Commemorated on 1 plaque

Captain Ed Clark Lieutenant George Haas On 6th January 1945 these two American officers escaped from their prisoner of war camp in St. Helier. Assisted by local residents and in particular Deputy W.J. Bertram. B.E.M. of East Lynne Fauvie, they successfully avoided recapture by the German forces. On the night of 19th January 1945 they removed a small boat from this harbour and 15 hours later, after an arduous crossing in bad weather, landed near Carteret on the French Cotentin Peninsula. This tablet was unveilled on the 50th anniversary of this event on 20th January 1995 by Sir Peter Crill K.B.E, Bailiff of Jersey.

Gorey Pier, Gorey, United Kingdom where they escaped (1944)