Died aged c. 28

Alain-Fournier (French: [a.lɛ̃.fuʁ.nje]) was the pseudonym of Henri-Alban Fournier (3 October 1886 – 22 September 1914), a French author and soldier. He was the author of a single novel, Le Grand Meaulnes (1913), which has been filmed twice and is considered a classic of French literature. The book is based partly on his childhood.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Ici Alain-Fournier, 1886-1914, a écrit Le Grand Meaulnes avant de disparaître sur les Hauts-de-Meuse le 22 septembre 1914. "Je cherche quelque chose de plus mystérieux encore..."

English translation: Here Alain-Fournier, 1886-1914, wrote Le Grand Meaulnes before disappearing on Les Hauts-de-Meuse on September 22, 1914. "I'm looking for something more mysterious yet ..."

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