Benjamin Outram

Died aged 41

(For the English naval surgeon, see Benjamin Fonseca Outram.) Benjamin Outram (1 April 1764 – 22 May 1805) was an English civil engineer, surveyor and industrialist. He was a pioneer in the building of canals and tramways.

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Commemorated on 4 plaques

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Marple Aqueduct opened 1800 architect and engineer: Benjamin Outram. Carries the Peak Forest Canal 100 ft above the River Goyt in a brick-built channel lined with puddled clay.

Marple Aqueduct, Marple, United Kingdom where they was

Cromford Canal Opened 1794 Engineered by William Jessop and Benjamin Outram It ran 14.5 miles from Cromford to Langley Mill and played a pivotal role in the transformation of the Derwent Valley.

High Peak Junction, Cromford Hill, Cromford, United Kingdom where they built (1794)

Peak Forest Canal Company Benjamin Outram (1764-1805) Consulting Engineer Thomas Brown (1772-1850) Resident Engineer German Wheatcroft (1773-1841) First Wharfinger at Bugsworth Canal Basin

Canal Basin, Buxworth, United Kingdom where they worked

Marple 'Grand Aqueduct' This elegant aqueduct, designed by Benjamin Outram, and built 1794-1800, is the tallest masonry-arch aqueduct in the UK

Marple Aqueduct, Marple, United Kingdom where they was