Francis Wilton


Died aged unknown

Commemorated on 1 plaque

In Memory of P/O Iain Ramsay, Sgt James Smith DFM, F/Sgt Alan Stripp DFM, LAC James Lewis, S/Ldr Kenneth Edwards, F/Lt Francis Wilton, Hero of the Soviet Union Major Sergey Asyamov, [Russian Script] Major Petr Baranov, [Russian Script] Colonel Grigory Pugachev, [Russian Script] and Major Boris Shvetsov, [Russian Script]; Who lost their lives when De Haviland DH95 (Flamingo) R2764 crashed in the field behind Vine House on 30th April 1942; These Russian officers and Air Ministry staff were instrumental in the negotiation of the 1942 Anglo-Soviet Treaty

Main Street, Great Ouseburn, United Kingdom where they died near (1942)