John Adamson


Died aged c. 61

For others named John Adamson, see the John Adamson navigation page Dr. John Adamson (1809–1870) was a Scottish physician, pioneer photographer, physicist, lecturer and museum curator. He was a highly respected figure in St Andrews, and was responsible for producing the first calotype portrait in Scotland in 1841. He taught the process to his brother, the famous pioneering photographer Robert Adamson. He was curator of the Literary and Philosophical Society Museum at St. Andrews from 1838 until his death.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

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Dr. John Adamson, 1809–1870 Lived here 1848-1865 He was a physician and pioneer photographer. In 1841 he took the first caloptype portrait. He also taught his brother Robert and Thomas Rodger the technique and art of photography. A town councillor, he was a tireless worker for public health, and the hospital here is, in part, his memorial.

127 South Street, St Andrews, United Kingdom where they Lived here (1848-1865)