Robert Rollock


Died aged c. 44

Robert Rollock (c. 1555 – 8 or 9 February 1599) was Scottish academic and minister in the Church of Scotland, and the first regent and first principal of the University of Edinburgh. Born into a noble family, he distinguished himself during his education at the University of St Andrews, which led to him being apppointed regent of the newly created college in Edinburgh in 1583, and its first principal in 1586. After the college had grown and other regents had been appointed, Rollock no longer had to perform everyday teaching, and he became the university's first Professor of Theology. In parallel to his academic duties, he acted as a minister and served in various church functions until his death in 1599. Rollock was acknowledged by his contemporaries as a prolific academic and Biblical scholar, and effective principal.

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In honour of Robert Rollock 1555 - 1599. Founding Regent (1583 - 1585), first Principal of the University (1586 - 1599).

Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom where they worked near