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Circles was a feminist film and video distribution network in the UK, which was set up out of a desire to distribute and screen women's films on their own terms. It was founded in 1979 by feminist filmmakers Lis Rhodes, Jo Davis, Felicity Sparrow and , publishing a 1980 catalogue including about 30 films, and it closed in 1991, largely due to funding issues that also prompted the merger of Circles and Cinema of Women, which led to the formation of Cinenova. A previous funding crisis in 1987, when funding by Tower Hamlets council had been withdrawn, had been resolved with replacement funding from the British Film Institute.

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Felicity Sparrow is a curator, producer and writer who spent her career 'rewriting women's film history'. In the late 1970s she co-founded the feminist film and video organisation Circles from her small flat on the Holly Lodge Estate, created by Angela Burdett-Coutts for single working women.

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