Annie Rogers

woman and classical scholar

Died aged 81

Annie Mary Anne Henley Rogers (15 February 1856 – 28 October 1937) was a British promoter of women's education. She had an offer of a university place at the University of Oxford withdrawn when it was realised that the candidate was female. She proved that she was capable of achieving first-class Oxford University degrees but could not receive a formal degree until 1920. Her work as a home tutor for women students led to her being recognised as a founder of St Anne's College, Oxford. She wrote a history of the admission of women to Oxford University and its degrees, which was published posthumously.

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Annie Rogers 1856-1937 classicist. Ceaseless campaigner for women's full membership of Oxford University. Victory was finally won in 1920. Lived here 1891-1899

35 St Giles', Oxford, United Kingdom where they lived (1891-1899)