Faversham Abbey

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Closed aged c. 624

Faversham Abbey was a Cluniac style monastery immediately to the north-east of the town of Faversham, in north Kent, England.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Faversham Abbey Inner Gateway founded 1147, demolished 1771. The salvaged masonry was re-used in the construction of 63-64 Abbey Street. Between this point and the present 'Anchor' Tavern was the Abbey's nether green.

63 Abbey Street, Faversham, United Kingdom where it sited

Faversham Abbey Outer Gateway (founded 1147). Northward from here, till 1538 the precinct of Faversham Abbey. The archway was demolished in 1772 but this eastern portion of the gatehouse (c 1250) now forms part of Arden's House. It incorporated a small chapel for the use of abbey guests and the window can still be seen.

Arden's House, Abbey Street, Faversham, United Kingdom where it was