Robert Raikes

Died aged 74

Robert Raikes ("the Younger") (14 September 1736 – 5 April 1811) was an English philanthropist and Anglican layman. He was educated at The Crypt School Gloucester. He was noted for his promotion of Sunday schools which pre-dated state schooling and was by 1831 schooling 1,250,000 children. They are seen as the precursor schools of the English state school system.

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Old Crypt Schoolroom This building, the original Crypt School, was founded by John and Joan Cooke, and erected in 1539, as "A contynuall free scole of grammer." Restored and reopened in 1880 for St.Mary De Crypt Sunday School in memory of Robert Raikes, it is now used as the church hall. Crypt School removed in 1861 to buildings in Barton Street and in 1892 to Friars Orchard on the site of the Technical College in Brunswick Road and thence in 1944 to Podsmead.

2 Commercial Road, Gloucester, United Kingdom where they was