Sir Admiral of the Fleet Terence Thornton Lewin KG GCB DSC LVO

Died aged 78

Admiral of the Fleet Terence Thornton Lewin, Baron Lewin, KG, GCB, LVO, DSC (19 November 1920 – 23 January 1999) was a Royal Navy officer. He served in the Second World War and then commanded a destroyer, the Royal yacht, two frigates and an aircraft carrier before achieving higher command. He was First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff in the late 1970s and in that role he worked hard to secure a decent wage for servicemen and helped win them a 32% pay rise. He went on to be Chief of the Defence Staff during the Falklands War, serving as chief war planner and as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's chief advisor during the war. He was also the first Chief of Defence Staff to act as head of the Armed Forces rather than just Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Lord Lewin KG [full inscription unknown]

3 Quarry Gardens, Tonbridge, United Kingdom where they was

Terence Thornton Lewin Admiral of the Fleet Lord Lewin of Greenwich KG GCB LVO DSC DSc 1920-1999 Trustee and Chairman of the National Maritime Museum 1981-1995

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, United Kingdom where they was