Richard Watts MP

Died aged c. 50

Richard Watts (1529–1579) was a successful businessman and MP for Rochester, South East England, in the 1570s. He supplied rations for the English Navy as deputy victualler and supervised the construction of Upnor Castle. After Queen Elizabeth I pronounced his house was satis (Latin for 'enough') after a visit in 1573, the house was thereafter known as Satis House. Famed locally for his philanthropy, he died on 10 September 1579, leaving money in his will to establish the Richard Watts Charity and Six Poor Travellers House in Rochester High Street. He is buried, in accordance with his will, in Rochester Cathedral.

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Richard Watts esq deceased anno domini 1579 relief for travellers to be had after the death of Mary his wife which charity the help of Thomas Pagitt her second husband assured anno domini 1586 died 21st December 1589

High Street, Rochester, United Kingdom where they was