Doris Lester

Died aged c. 79

Verona Doris Lester (28 July 1886 - 14 February 1965) was born in Leytonstone, Essex, England. She was the sister of Muriel Lester. Doris Lester was responsible for founding Children's House and Kingsley Hall in Bow East London with her sister Muriel Lester Doris Lester worked with Muriel Lester, but was not the international figure that her elder sister Muriel was. She received a telegram from Muriel Lester in 1941 about her imprisonment in Trinidad. She played an active part in the management of Kingsley Hall, including the postwar period. Doris Lester's papers are part of an archive currently held at the Bishopsgate Institute in London.

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Muriel Lester (1884-1968) and her sister, Doris Lester (1886-1965) peace campaigners and philanthropists lived and worked here

47/49 Baldwins Hill, Loughton, United Kingdom where they lived