Israel Thorndike

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Israel Thorndike (April 30, 1755 – May 9, 1832) was an American merchant, politician, industrialist, and slave trader. He made a fortune in privateering and the Old China Trade, was active in Federalist Party politics during the Thomas Jefferson and James Madison administrations, and later was one of the largest financiers of the early Industrial Revolution in the United States.

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The Gerrymander. Near this site stood the home of state senator Israel Thorndike, a merchant and privateer. During a visit here in 1812 by Governor Elbridge Gerry, an electoral district was oddly redrawn to provide advantage to the party in office. Shaped by political intent rather than any natural boundaries, its appearance resembled a salamander. A frustrated member of the opposition party called it a gerrymander, a term still in use today.

UDG, Arch Street, Boston, MA, United States where they lived near