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Died aged 90

Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet (French: [ʒɑ̃ mɔnɛ]; 9 November 1888 – 16 March 1979) was a French entrepreneur, diplomat, financier, administrator, and political visionary. An influential supporter of European unity, he is considered one of the founding fathers of the European Union. Jean Monnet has been called "The Father of Europe" by those who see his innovative and pioneering efforts in the 1950s as the key to establishing the European Coal and Steel Community, the predecessor of today's European Union. Although Monnet was never elected to public office, he worked behind the scenes of American and European governments as a well-connected "pragmatic internationalist". He was the first-ever individual to be bestowed Honorary Citizenship of Europe in 1976. On the hundredth anniversary of his birth in 1988 he was honoured by interment in the Panthéon.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Jean Monnet 1888-1979. Born in France, widely travelled, he died at age 90 near Paris, proud citizen of a united Europe he inspired and helped to create. Earlier, from his office in the Willard Hotel, he contributed greatly to America's victory program for wartime production while a member of the British Mission in Washington during World War II.

Willard Intercontinental Hotel, 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC, United States where they contributed greatly to America's victory program for wartime production

Jean MONNET citoyen d’honneur de l’Europe a vécu dans cette maison de 1945 jusqu’à sa mort, en 1979. Ici a été conçu en 1950, le projet de communauté européenne.

English translation: Jean Monnet citizen of honour of Europe lived here from 1945 until just before his death in 1979. Here was conceived in 1950, the project of European community.

Rue du Vieux Pressoir, Bazoches-sur-Guyonne, France where they lived (1944-1979)