Dr Richard Russell FRS

Died aged c. 72

Richard Russell (26 November 1687 – 1759) was an 18th-century British physician who encouraged his patients to use a form of water therapy that involved the submersion or bathing in, and drinking of, seawater. The contemporary equivalent of this is thalassotherapy, although the practice of drinking seawater has largely discontinued.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

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Dr. Richard Russell F.R.S. (1687-1759) Author of a dissertation concerning the use of sea water in diseases of the glands (1750). Founder of Brighton as a bathing resort. Born and practised medicine in this house. 1988

High Street, Lewes, United Kingdom where they practised medicine and was born (1687)

On this site stood Russell House where lived from 1759 Richard Russell MD FRS If you seek his monument look around

Grand Junction Rd, Brighton, United Kingdom where they lived