King Louis Philippe I

King of the French (1830-1848)

Died aged c. 77

Louis Philippe (6 October 1773 – 26 August 1850) was King of the French from 1830 to 1848, and the penultimate monarch of France. As Louis Philippe, Duke of Chartres, he distinguished himself commanding troops during the Revolutionary Wars and was promoted to lieutenant general by the age of nineteen, but he broke with the Republic over its decision to execute King Louis XVI. He fled to Switzerland in 1793 after being connected with a plot to restore France's monarchy. His father Louis Philippe II, Duke of Orléans (Philippe Égalité) fell under suspicion and was executed during the Reign of Terror. Louis Philippe remained in exile for 21 years until the Bourbon Restoration. He was proclaimed king in 1830 after his cousin Charles X was forced to abdicate by the July Revolution. The reign of Louis Philippe is known as the July Monarchy and was dominated by wealthy industrialists and bankers. He followed conservative policies, especially under the influence of French statesman François Guizot during the period 1840–1848. He also promoted friendship with Great Britain and sponsored colonial expansion, notably the French conquest of Algeria. His popularity faded as economic conditions in France deteriorated in 1847, and he was forced to abdicate after the outbreak of the French Revolution of 1848. He lived for the remainder of his life in exile in the United Kingdom. His supporters were known as Orléanists. The Legitimists supported the main line of the House of Bourbon, and the Bonapartists supported the Bonaparte family, which includes Napoleon I and Napoleon III. Among his grandchildren were the monarchs Leopold II of Belgium, Empress Carlota of Mexico, Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, and Queen Mercedes of Spain .

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Louis Philippe King of France Born 1773, died 1850.

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