Walter George

world record holder (1886-1915)

Died aged c. 85

Walter Goodall George (9 September 1858 – 4 June 1943) was a nineteenth-century British runner from Calne who after setting numerous world records as an amateur, went professional in part to challenge the mile record-holder William Cummings, defeating him in several highly publicized races. In one of those races on 23 August 1886, he set a mile record which was not surpassed for almost 30 years.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Walter Goodall George (1858-1943) born near this spot world record holder for the mile race 1886-1915 This plaque placed here to commemorate the centenary of this achievement was unveiled by Sydney Wooderson Esq. who in 1935 became the first Briton to better George's time.

Cox's Hill, Calne, United Kingdom where they was born (1858)