William Sealy Gosset

Died aged c. 61

William Sealy Gosset (13 June 1876 – 16 October 1937) was an English statistician, chemist and brewer who served as Head Brewer of Guinness and Head Experimental Brewer of Guinness and was a pioneer of modern statistics. He pioneered small sample experimental design and analysis with an economic approach to the logic of uncertainty. Gosset published under the pen name Student and developed most famously Student's t-distribution – originally called Student's "z" – and "Student's test of statistical significance".

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

William Sealy Gosset 1876 – 1937 Statistician known as "Student" famous for "Student's t-distribution" born and lived at 6 St Martin's Hill

6, St Martin’s Hill, Canterbury, United Kingdom where they was

Chemist & Statistician William Sealy Gosset 1876 - 1937 Chief Brewer Student 't' test

Robert Street, Dublin, Ireland where they was and was