James Young

Died aged c. 56

James Alexander Young (23 May 1918 – 5 July 1974), better known as Jimmy Young or simply Our Jimmy, was an Irish actor and comedian born in Ballymoney and brought up in Belfast. He performed on stage and television. His comedy records sold over a quarter of a million copies. His stage shows are most closely associated with the Group Theatre, where his one man show gained a listing in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running in the world. He also toured extensively across Ireland, Canada and the United States. He is best remembered for the characters in his sketches, which uniquely reflected the character of the people of Belfast. These included "Orange Lily", "The Lady from Cherryvalley", and "Derek the Window Cleaner" from the BBC Radio Ulster series . He was also one of the first comedians to confront the Troubles in his material, while still appealing to both sides of the divided community. A blue plaque in his memory is displayed at his birthplace in Union Street, Ballymoney and at his family's home in Fernwood Street, Ormeau Road, Belfast.

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James Young 1918-1974 Actor & Comedian lived here

26 Fernwood Street, off Blackwood Street, Ormeau Road, Belfast, United Kingdom where they lived