Ernest Walton

Died aged c. 92

Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton (6 October 1903 – 25 June 1995) was an Irish physicist and Nobel laureate. He is best known for his work with John Cockcroft to construct one of the earliest types of particle accelerator, the Cockcroft–Walton generator. In experiments performed at Cambridge University in the early 1930s using the generator, Walton and Cockcroft became the first team to use a particle beam to transform one element to another. According to their Nobel Prize citation: "Thus, for the first time, a nuclear transmutation was produced by means entirely under human control."

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Ernest Walton 1903-1995 Physicist and Nobel Laureate at school 1915-1922

Front Door of Methodist College, Belfast, United Kingdom where they attended school

Ernest Walton 1903-1995 Fellow of Trinity College Erasmus Smith's Professor 1946-1974 Nobel Laureate in Physics 1951

School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland where they was