Sir Moses Montefiore 1st Baronet

Died aged c. 101

Sir Moses Haim Montefiore, 1st Baronet, FRS (24 October 1784 – 28 July 1885) was a British financier and banker, activist, philanthropist and Sheriff of London. Born to an Italian-Jewish family, he donated large sums of money to promote industry, business, economic development, education and health among the Jewish community in the Levant, including the founding of Mishkenot Sha'ananim in 1860, the first settlement outside Jerusalem's walled city. As President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, his correspondence with the British consul in Damascus Charles Henry Churchill in 1841–42 is seen as pivotal to the development of Proto-Zionism.

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Commemorated on 4 plaques

Sir Moses Montefiore 1784-1885 philanthropist and Jewish leader lived here for sixty years

90 Park Lane, London, United Kingdom where they lived

Sir Moses Montefiore Philanthropist 1784-1885 Lived here from 1832

Gate House, King George VI Memorial Park, Ramsgate, United Kingdom where they lived (1832)

Texas Historical Marker #10218

Site of Temple Moses Montefiore. In 1887 Jewish residents of the Marshall area organized the Moses Montefiore congregation, Adath Israel. Daniel Doppelmayer, a Civil War veteran and one of the pioneer Jewish settlers of the area, was selected as the first president. At his suggestion, the congregational name was chosen to honor Sir Moses Montefiore (1784-1885), the noted Jewish financier and philanthropist of England. In 1900, under the direction of President Ike Hochwald, a temple was constructed at this site. Designed by the local architect C. G. Lancaster and built by the firm of Sonnefield and Emmons, it featured an elaborate middle eastern architectural style. The structure served as the congregation's place of worship and as a center of the community's cultural and civic activity until 1973, when it was razed. The Moses Montefiore congregation was founded on a tradition of community leadership, which was begun by pioneer Jewish residents who moved here when the area was first settled. Members and rabbis of the temple continue to play a vital role in the development of Marshall. Their contributions now serve as reminders of their influence on the civic, business and cultural character of the city. #10218

W. Burleson and N. Fulton St., Marshall, TX, United States where they is commemorated

Texas Historical Marker #15586

Temple Moses Montefiore, Site of. #15586

?, Marshall, TX, United States where they is commemorated