Thomas Nicholson

Died aged unknown

Thomas Nicholson is a health educator and drug policy specialist. He was reportedly included on President Obama's shortlist of candidates for the appointment as the nation's "drug czar" and was endorsed for the position by numerous public health groups. He has coordinated the DRUGNET Study, an on-line survey of adult drug users. He earned his M.P.H. in at the University of Texas School of Public Health and his Ph.D. in at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He also earned an M.A.Ed. in counseling from Western Kentucky University.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

Canal Gardens These ornamental gardens were formed from a walled kitchen garden built c.1816 for Thomas Nicholson of Roundhay Park. Inheriting the estate in 1833, his stepbrother Stephen added the canal, 350 by 34 feet, spanned by two rustic bridges and terminating in an arbour.

Canal Gardens, on archway leading to Tropical World, LS8, Leeds, United Kingdom where they lived

The Mansion In 1803 the wealthy insurance broker and later banker Thomas Nicholson bought half of the medieval hunting park - 'The Round Hay'. In 1815, after landscaping the park, he moved into this fine new house attributed to architect Thomas Taylor. The estate was purchased for the people of Leeds in 1871.

Mansion Lane, Leeds, United Kingdom where they lived

Chapel Allerton Hall. The Georgian home of the Tottie family, woollen cloth merchants, and then distinguished botanist R. A. Salisbury 1782-1799. The Nicholsons, later of Roundhay Park, lived here 1799-1815. From c.1845 to 1901, much extended, it was the home of the pioneer ready-made clothing industry and Leeds politician John Barran.

junction of King George Avenue and Gledhow Lane, Leeds, United Kingdom where they lived (1799-1815)