Robert Southey

Died aged 68

Robert Southey ( or ; 12 August 1774 – 21 March 1843) was an English poet of the Romantic school, and Poet Laureate from 1813 until his death. Like the other Lake Poets, William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Southey had begun as a radical, but became steadily more conservative, as he acquired respect for Britain and its institutions. Other romantics, notably Byron, accused him of siding with the establishment for money and status. He is principally remembered as author of the poem After Blenheim and the original version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

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Here lived Robert Southey B. 1774 D. 1843

108 Walcot Street, Bath, United Kingdom where they lived

Stricklandgate House. This house was built about 1776 by Joseph Maude, a Kendal banker and for many years housed the Kendal Savings Bank. In 1854 it was leased to the Kendal Literary and Scientific Society of which Wordsworth and Southey were Founder members and became the town's museum and library.

92 Stricklandgate, Kendal, United Kingdom where they connected in an unknown way

In a house near this site was born Robert Southey 1774-1843. Poet Laureate 1813.

Pridential Buildings, 11-19 Wine Street, Bristol, United Kingdom where they was born near (1774)