John Harvard

Died aged c. 31

John Harvard (1607–1638) was an English dissenting minister in Colonial America whosedeathbedbequest to the"schoale or colledge"founded two years earlier by the Massachusetts Bay Colony was so gratefully received that it was consequently ordered "that theColledgeagreed upon formerly tobeebuilt atCambridge shalbeecalled HarvardColledge."Harvard University considers him the most honored of its founders—those whose efforts and contributions in its early days "ensure[d] its permanence"—and a statue in his honor is a prominent feature of Harvard Yard.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

John Harvard 1607 - 1638 First Benefactor of Harvard University Born in Southwark, baptized in the Cathedral and educated in the parish's grammar school. Sailed to Massachusetts, 1637

John Harvard Library, 211 Borough High Street, London, United Kingdom where they was

The "Queen's Head Inn" owned by the family of John Harvard, founder of Harvard University stood here

103 Borough High Street, London, United Kingdom where they lived