Thomas Bayes

Died aged c. 59

Thomas Bayes (/beɪz/ ; c. 1701 – 7 April 1761) was an English statistician, philosopher and Presbyterian minister who is known for formulating a specific case of the theorem that bears his name: Bayes' theorem. Bayes never published what would become his most famous accomplishment; his notes were edited and published posthumously by Richard Price.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Thomas Bayes 1702-1761 Nonconformist minister and mathematician Originator of the statistical theory of probability, the basis of most market research and opinion poll techniques lived here 1731-1761 Fourth centenary

Ashton Lodge, 69 London Road, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom where they was

In honour of Thomas Bayes FRS c.1802-1761.

, Edinburgh, United Kingdom where they was