C. J. Phipps

Died aged c. 62

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Commemorated on 5 plaques

Her Majesty's Theatre In 1705 Sir John Vanbrugh built the first of four theatres on this famous site. The second theatre, known variously as 'The King's' and 'Her Majesty's', was the home of Italian Opera, while the present theatre, designed by C J Phipps and opened in 1897, remains a home for major musicals

Charles II Street, London, United Kingdom where they designed

Lyric Theatre Built by C J Phipps. The Lyric Theatre opened in 1888 with the comic opera "Dorothy" and has since developed a tradition of drama, light comedy and popular musicals. The great Italian actress Eleonora Duse made her debut here in "Camille" in 1893

Shaftesbury Ave, London, United Kingdom where they built

C. J. Phipps FSA 1835-1897 theatre architect designed the Grand Theatre 1894

Grand Theatre, Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom where they was

"This admirably appointed and beautiful edifice" Originally designed and built by Charles J Phipps 1865 and Frank Matcham 1897

Theatre Royal, Upper Parliament St, Nottingham, United Kingdom where they designed (1865)

Theatre Royal Built 1805 George Dance the Younger John Palmer Restored 1863 C J Phipps Restored 1982 Donald Armstrong Carl Toms

Sawclose, Bath, United Kingdom where they was