Sir Norman Haworth FRS

Died aged c. 67

Sir (Walter) Norman Haworth FRS. (19 March 1883 in White Coppice, Chorley, Lancashire – 19 March 1950 in Barnt Green, Worcestershire) was a British chemist best known for his groundbreaking work on ascorbic acid (vitamin C) while working at the University of Birmingham. He received the 1937 Nobel Prize in Chemistry "for his investigations on carbohydrates and vitamin C". The prize was shared with Swiss chemist Paul Karrer for his work on other vitamins. Haworth worked out the correct structure of a number of sugars, and is known among organic chemists for his development of the Haworth projection that translates three-dimensional sugar structures into convenient two-dimensional graphical form.

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Sir Norman Haworth Nobel Laureate in Chemistry for work on carbohydrates and vitamin C 1937

Haworth Building, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom where they was