Henry Hunt

Died aged c. 62

Henry "Orator" Hunt (6 November 1773 – 13 February 1835) was a British radical speaker and agitator remembered as a pioneer of working-class radicalism and an important influence on the later Chartist movement. He advocated parliamentary reform and the repeal of the Corn Laws. He was the first member of parliament to advocate for women's suffrage; in 1832 he presented a petition to parliament from a woman asking for the right to vote.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

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The site of St. Peter's Fields where on 16th August 1819 Henry Hunt, radical orator addressed an assembly of about 60,000 people. Their subsequent dispersal by the military is remembered as 'Peterloo'.

Free Trade Hall, Peter Street, Manchester, United Kingdom where they addressed a large crowd

BULL'S HEAD Grade II listed building. The scene of radical political agitation. In the early 19th century radicals Henry 'Orator' Hunt, Fergus O'Connor and reformer Richard Cibden gave speeches here.

Market Place, Stockport, United Kingdom where they spoke