R. H. Tawney

Died aged c. 82

Richard Henry Tawney (30 November 1880 – 16 January 1962) was an English economic historian, social critic, ethical socialist, Christian socialist, and important proponent of adult education. The Oxford Companion to British History (1997) explained that Tawney made a "significant impact" in all four of these "interrelated roles". A. L. Rowse goes further by insisting that "Tawney exercised the widest influence of any historian of his time, politically, socially and, above all, educationally".

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

R. H. Tawney 1880-1962 historian, teacher and political writer lived here

21 Mecklenburgh Square, Camden, London, United Kingdom where they lived

R. H. Tawney 1880-1962 economic historian, Christian Socialist and founding father of the welfare state lived here

21–30 Parliament Hill Mansions, Lissenden Gardens, NW5, London, United Kingdom where they lived