Frederick Knott

Died aged c. 86

(This article is about the English playwright. For the English cricketer, see Freddie Knott.) Frederick Major Paull Knott (28 August 1916 — 17 December 2002) was an English playwright known for his ingeniously complex, crime-related plots. Though he was a reluctant writer and completed only three plays in his career, two have become classics: the London-based stage thriller Dial M for Murder, which was later filmed in Hollywood by Alfred Hitchcock, and the chilling 1966 play Wait Until Dark, which also became a Hollywood film.

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In Langley Lane, at his parents' house Little Balgair, now demolished, Frederick Knott (1916-2002) wrote 'Dial M For Murder'. After performances on television, and on London and Broadway stages, the play was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1954

Ifield Green, Crawley, United Kingdom where they wrote 'Dial M For Murder'