Francis Thompson

Died aged c. 48

Francis Joseph Thompson (16 December 1859 – 13 November 1907) was an English poet and Catholic mystic. At the behest of his father, a doctor, he entered medical school at the age of 18, but at 26 left home to pursue his talent as a writer and poet. He spent three years on the streets of London, supporting himself with menial labour, becoming addicted to opium which he took to relieve a nervous problem. In 1888 Wilfrid and Alice Meynell read his poetry and took the opium-addicted and homeless writer into their home for a time, later publishing his first volume, Poems, in 1893. In 1897, he began writing prose, drawing inspiration from life in the countryside, Wales and Storrington. His health, always fragile, continued to deteriorate and he died of tuberculosis in 1907. By that time he had published three books of poetry, along with other works and essays.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

Francis Thompson

In 1905-1906 Francis Thompson (1859-1907) poet and essayist lodged here.

Victoria Road, Crawley, United Kingdom where they lodged

Francis Thompson [full inscription unknown]

Stamford Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, United Kingdom where they was

1859 1907 Francis Thompson Poet was born in this house Dec 16 1859. "Ever and anon a trumpet sounds From the bird battlements of Eternity"

7 Winckley Street, Preston, United Kingdom where they was born (1859)