Sake Dean Mahomed

Died aged c. 92

Sheikh Din Muhammad (Bengali: শেখ দীন মোহাম্মদ; 1759–1851) was an Indian traveller, surgeon and entrepreneur who was one of the most notable early non-European immigrants to the Western World. Due to his foreign origin, his name is often spelled various ways in English documentation. He introduced Indian cuisine and shampoo baths to Europe, where he offered therapeutic massage. He was also the first Indian to publish a book in English.

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Shampooing Surgeon of William IV and Shampooing Surgeon of George IV

Commemorated on 2 plaques

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Site of Hindoostane Coffee House 1810 London's first Indian restaurant owned by Sake Dean Mahomed 1759-1851

102 George Street, Paddington, London, United Kingdom where they was

Sake Dean Mahomed 1759-1851 born in India, Shampooing Surgeon to George IV and William IV opened his Indian Medicated Vapour Baths here in 1821

Queen's Hotel, Brighton, United Kingdom where they worked (1821)