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Sooty is a glove puppet television, stage, comic book and film character, who is a small yellow, magical male bear with black ears and nose who likes to perform magic tricks and play practical jokes. Although mute to the audience, he is said to be able to communicate by 'whispering' in the ear of his handler. He was created by Harry Corbett in 1948. Sooty debuted on local television in 1952, and the children's television programmes that carry his name have continued in various forms since 1955. According to Guinness World Records, together they are the longest-running "non-consecutive" children's programme in the UK, with 857 episodes being aired as of 30 October 2018. Blue Peter holds the record for the world's longest running children's programme.

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Gerald England on Geograph

On 19th July 1948 Sooty was discovered by Harry Corbett OBE near this spot

North Pier, Blackpool, United Kingdom where it was discovered