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The Selecter are an English 2 tone ska revival band, formed in Coventry, England, in 1979. The Selecter featured a diverse line-up, both in terms of race and gender, initially consisting of Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson and Pauline Black on lead vocals, Neol Davies and Compton Amanor on guitar, Desmond Brown on Hammond organ, Charley 'H' Bembridge on drums, and Charley Anderson on bass. The band's name is based on the term "selector", which is a Jamaican word for disc jockey (DJ). The band were one of the most successful ska bands of the 2 tone era, notching up several top forty singles in the British charts. Having co-released the first 2 tone ska single with the Specials, they are considered one of the founding acts of the movement. Though highly influential, the original lineup only remained together for a year, and even with replacement players the band only continued until breaking up in 1981. The Selecter reformed in 1991 and lead vocalist Black continued to perform and release music under the Selecter name until 2006. By 2011, another version of the band featuring Neol Davies was touring separately. In June 2011 Black applied for, and won, the Selecter trademark and the right to use the name herself. The reformed, Pauline Black-led line-up still tours and releases albums under the Selecter name, most recently releasing Daylight, the band's fifteenth studio album, in 2017.

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The Holyhead Youth Club. In the basement of this building reggae and blues jam sessions took place between Charley Anderson, Aitch Bembridge, Desmond Brown, Neol Davies, Lynval Golding, Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson, Silverton Hutchinson, Ray King and others. The music created here was fundamental in the development of the 2-Tone sound that would follow. Neville Staple also operated a sound system from here.

Holyhead Youth Club (now Artspace), Coventry, United Kingdom where they jammed