Peter II

1st Earl of Richmond (1241-1268) and 9th Count of Savoy (from 1263)

Died aged c. 65

Peter II (1203 – 15 May 1268), called the Little Charlemagne, held the Honour of Richmond, Yorkshire, England (but not the Earldom), from April 1240 until his death, holder of the Honour of l’Aigle, and was Count of Savoy (now part of France, Switzerland and Italy) from 1263 until his death in 1268. Briefly, from 1241 until 1242 he was the castellan of Dover Castle and Keeper of the Coast (later called Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports). In 1243 he was granted land by the Thames in London where he later built the Savoy Palace.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Here in the Palace of the Savoy, Peter, Count of Savoy, lodged the many "beautiful foreign ladies" whom he brought in 1247 from the Courts of Europe, before marrying them to his wards, a large number of rich young English nobles

Savoy Court, London, United Kingdom where they lodged many "beautiful foreign ladies"

Within these precincts stood the Palace of Savoy, the erection of which was begun by Peter, ninth Count of Savoy and Earl of Richmond, A.D 1246. Henry III King of England bestowed the site "in vico qui vocato la straunde" on February 12th 1246 and there was erected a palace, "the fayrest mannor in Europe" big enough for a large part of an army

Savoy Court, London, United Kingdom where they built